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Thomas SpA

Since 1951 Thomas SpA has been producing metal sawing machines, offering the world its values of experience, technology, reliability and safety, with solutions that are always innovative and can benefit the quality of the work of the professionals using them. The firm can claim over fifty-five years of excellence in the sector and customers find the right quality/price ration in the Thomas brand...


Backhoes, flail-hedger mowers.


Mounted air-blast sprayers, self propelled air blast sprayers, trailed air-blast sprayers,miscellaneous gardening equipment.

Tissue Machinery Company SpA

Emilia Romagna

Tissue Machinery Company was set up in Bologna in 1997, in the heart of the Italian Packaging Valley.  In the area around the Emilia Romagna regional capital there are thousands of companies making automatic packaging machines: approximately 80% of production is exported throughout the world.

TMC is an integral part of this context and has been able to pick out some of...


Tonello is the global leader of garment finishing technologies that, since 1981, has been contributing to the success that made in Italy has enjoyed all over the world. Thanks to its cutting-edge machines and its one-of-a-kind service, it acts side by side...


Friuli Venezia Giulia

TONUTTI has been manufacturing farm machinery since 1864.During these more than 140 years of its history, Tonutti has developed and patented many practical and revolutionary inventions. Today,Tonutti offers a complete line of haymaking equipment including a number of very innovative pieces of equipment,such as a new generation of finger wheel rakes. As a leading international manufacturer of...

Torielli & C. SpA

Torielli & C. SpA joins in the activity of the shoe manufacturing sector with years of experience. They continually put forth innovative products thanks to continuous research of technical and advanced solutions, while adapting these solutions to the requirements of the customers. Their machines cover all manufacturing areas: from cutting to closing, to lasting, and to the production of...


The experience of the Mencarelli family in the mechanical field began early in the last century, in 1925. From the moment it was founded, in 1969, TORNINOVA’s experience gradually developed, leading the company to specialize in technical support for flexographic printing machines and extrusion lines. Later, in 1993, TORNINOVA started designing and manufacturing air bubble film and stretch film...