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Templier Srl


Templier Srl is the most important company for the manufacturing of tungsten carbide cutters and tools for footwear. These cutters and tools are used in the production of heels, soles and insoles of  any kind of material. The experience attained in 40 years of activity in this field allows Templier to produce the broadest range of tungsten carbide cutters and tools and to be in the van of...




Telehandlers – Self-loading truck mixers – Off-road cranes


TERMOSTAMPI is specialized in the construction of Thermoforming tools.
Since 1976 in the field of tools manufacturing for food containers and cups made from PolyPropylene (PP), PolyStyrene (PS), PVC and PET.
With the construction of a larger factory, the constant purchase of more modern machines and an increasing number of technical and specialized staff, Termostampi has seen its...



TVT- Termoventiltecnica is a leading company in the areas of fume-filtering, suction, and energy-recycling. TVT's mission is not to 'provide a product' but to 'provide a solution'.

Tetra Pak Carton Ambient SpA

Emilia Romagna

Tetra Pak works with their customers and suppliers to deliver the best solutions wherever and whenever food is consumed. Their heritage, innovation and understanding of consumer needs are second to none.

Tetra Pak believes in helping their customers create profitable growth while sustaining the environment. They are a responsible industry leader that believes in good corporate...

Thema System Srl


The Thema System Srl Company was founded in 1985 in Tuscany, set up by Sani Antonello and Mark Sheets, and operates mainly in the field of handling and factory logistics, as well as being specialized in industrial automation and robotic applications, both in the automotive textiles.

In 2010 Thema System acquired Dascomar.


Valle d'Aosta

THERMOPLAY, with its HQ in the industrial area of Pont-Saint-Martin in Aosta, Italy, is a company that specialises in developing and manufacturing hot runner systems for plastic injection moulding. Thanks to constant growth and considerable investments, THERMOPLAY has achieved leading position in Italy and throughout the world in a short period of time.
Today, there are 170 employees in...