Italy’s National Industry 4.0 Plan

The Italian Government’s adoption of the National Industry 4.0 Plan for industrial technological and digital transformation represents a great opportunity for manufacturing companies operating in Italy. The plan aims to raise tax incentives for investments in goods and technologies that connect physical and digital systems, in order to conduct complex analysis (Big Data) and adapt manufacturing systems in real time.

The 2017 Budget Law introduces new tax incentives and increases existing incentives for companies investing in technological and digital transformation in accordance with the Industry 4.0 model: hyper-depreciation on tangible operating assets and super-depreciation on intangible operating assets, a new Sabatini Act, tax credits for R&D, facilitations for SMEs and innovative start-ups, and more.
PWC has recently published a guide (in English) to the various Industry 4.0 incentives made available by the 2017 Budget Law.  The PWC report is available for viewing or downloading at the following link.

PWC also conducted an extensive global survey on industry 4.0 strategies and trends.  The survey is available at the following link