2016 Another Strong Year For The Italian Glass Industry

Every year, GIMAV conducts a survey of the Italian glass industry with the aim of providing an overview of the sector and information on its structure, sales, production and export markets. GIMAV is the Italian Association of Glass Processing Machinery and Accessories Suppliers and represents almost 80% of the Italian glass industry.
The results were more than encouraging: the positive trend for Italian glass processing machinery, accessories, and special products posted a year earlier was repeated and consolidated in 2015. The report signaled a new wave of optimism for everybody, demonstrating the strength of the sector despite the difficult economic situation. The stronger positive trend was underlined by a pickup in the domestic market, which was more sustained for the flat glass sector.

A detailed analysis shows a significant increase in exports to the NAFTA countries with a 58% gain, as a result of the initial pickup in the US economy but also because of sales to Mexico growing at a faster pace (up by 73.27%).
The European Union remains the main export market for these products which grew by 18.38%. By contrast, exports to Brazil and Russia took a nosedive due to the socio-political and economic instability of the former and the geo-strategic political crisis of the latter with the controversial international sanctions that have been adopted.

For machinery, products and accessories for the processing of flat glass, in particular, international sales rose by 5.40%, with the United States representing the main outlet. Hollow glass exports rose by 4.01%, with Mexico as second market.

Greater positivity is being fueled by a turnaround in the negative trend on the domestic market, which has posted a significant increase in sales.
The forecasts for 2016 are optimistic. A particularly positive outlook is predicted for exports while the domestic market forecasts are cautiously optimistic and dependent on the R&D and capital investment incentives.
In conclusion, the Italian glass industry continues to shine. The traditional excellence of its glass processing machinery, products and accessories remains unparalleled worldwide.

The complete 2016 report will soon be available on the GIMAV web site at http://www.gimav.it/en/
The 2015 report can be viewed and downloaded at the following link.

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