#4: Fall 2017

Plastic Technology Road-Show Seminar + PLASTIMAGEN MEXICO 2017

Machines Italia Mexico and AMAPLAST, the Italian trade association of manufacturers of plastics and rubber processing machinery and moulds, are teaming up to promote Italian know how and technology to plastic and rubber processors in Mexico.
Number : #4: Fall 2017   |   Section: Coming Soon   |   Country : Mexico

PLAST 2018: International Exhibition For Plastics And Rubber Industries

PLAST, held in Milan every three years, is one of the most important exhibitions for the plastics and rubber industries worldwide. The range of products showcased at PLAST are: injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding, thermoforming and welding machines, machines for foam, reactive and reinforced resins, molds and dies, laboratory control and test equipment, ancillary equipment for plastics and rubber processing, machines for secondary processing, finishing, decorating, marking and plastics packaging, downstream equipment, machines and equipment for the plastics and rubber recovery and recycling, raw materials, acrylics, polyamides, polyolefinics, styrenes, vinylics, thermoplastic polyesters, thermosets, fluoropolymers, elastomers, pigments, colourants, master batches, fillers, reinforcements, additives, process auxiliaries and other plastics, secondary and regenerated raw materials, R PET R PE, R PP, ABS R, R PVC, regenerated elastomers, composites, plastic and rubber alloys and other materials, semi-finished and finished products, household, electrical, electronic, industrial and agricultural applications and other plastics and rubber applications and processes, product design, manufacturing and reconstruction services and other services for the plastics and rubber industry.
Number : #4: Fall 2017   |   Section: Coming Soon   |   Country : Mexico

Machines Italia Celebrates The 11th Italian Technology Award Winners From North America

The Italian Technology Awards program is a competition that invites undergraduate and graduate students attending international universities to submit a paper or a research project on an array of relevant mechanical engineering subjects and in particular on innovations and challenges facing various manufacturing industries in their countries or globally. The aim of the program – now in its 11th year - is to enrich the engineering education of students and foster international collaborations and cooperation. The program is organized and sponsored by the Italian Trade Commission, in partnership with various industrial machinery and technology manufacturers associations in Italy as well as various schools, universities, colleges and institutions around the world.
Number : #4: Fall 2017   |   Section: Coming Soon   |   Country : Canada, Mexico, USA