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Export Of Italian Machinery To Canada Jumps 21%

In the second quarter of 2015, imports of machinery and equipment, (15 Machines Italia sectors), from Italy, increased 21%, from $155 million to $187 million (CAD). Italy is the fifth largest supplier of industrial technology to Canada with a market share of 3.1%, (+5.5%). Topping the Italian technology exports to Canada are metalworking machinery and […]

Canada Eliminates All Custom Duties on Machinery Imports

Since April 2015, Canada has eliminated virtually all custom duties on the importation of industrial machinery and equipment into the country. The tariffs elimination measure applies to semi-finished and finished goods used in the manufacturing processes. This measure is meant to decrease the cost of purchasing advanced manufacturing technology, of which Canada is a net […]

Italy’s Technology Export To The US Strong In 2015

According to the latest “Manufacturers’ Alliance for Productivity and Innovation” (MAPI) report, 2016 will see a significant acceleration of growth in US manufacturing sector. Last June 0MAPI published an update of its quarterly economic forecast, which shows that the US real GDP is expected to expand by 2.5% in 2015 and 4.0% in 2016. “A […]

Survey reveals current and future impact of 3D printing on manufacturing

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, a subsidiary of 3D-printing technology leader Stratasys (Eden Prairie, MN) published a report on the impact of 3D printing on manufacturing. The document is based on a survey of 700 designers, engineers and executives who work for companies committed to advanced manufacturing (AM) technology. 40% of them are employed by companies with […]

Reshoring is Trending

Reshoring allows companies to take advantage of tax incentives, employ skilled workers and innovate while protecting their intellectual property. For some, the ability to operate facilities using inexpensive natural gas now makes U.S. locations far more cost-effective than ones abroad where electricity and coal are considerably more expensive. Eliminating import duties and reducing transportation costs […]