Goglio Keeps Coffee Fresh with Innovative Packaging

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Goglio leads the pack-a history of innovation in packaging: Italian company Goglio has lived the history of coffee packaging and remains a market leader of materials and machines that have as much relevance today as they did 50 years ago.

Over the years, coffee bags have evolved from simple paper structures, offering little to no protection from moisture, light and oxygen, to today's high barrier films that are often comprised of three to four layers.

Founded in Milan in 1850, Goglio has ridden the wave of changing packaging materials to be recognized today as one of the leaders in flexible packaging, rigid plastic accessories and packaging machines that have combined both traditional concepts and refined solutions.
When Goglio came up with a one-way degassing valve in the 1960s, they couldn't have foreseen that it would not only change the way coffee is packaged internationally, but that it would not be rapidly superseded.

This often unnoticed component is a little plastic addition inserted into the inside top face of a packet of coffee, where the supplier is intent on providing the freshest possible product. There are more than one billion a year produced by Goglio for the global market. Through an evolutionary process, the product that was invented 50 years ago has greatly contributed to the growth of Goglio and continues to be an important component in the company's line of coffee packaging materials.

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