Italian Innovation: Italy’s Feraboli SpA & US-based Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment Reach Agreement

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Under the terms of the agreement, Tarter will manufacture selected product lines from Feraboli for which Feraboli will provide its proprietary technologies and knowledge. These products will be distributed to Tarter's and Feraboli's customers throughout the United States.

As Josh Tarter, Vice President of Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment stated in the company's recent press release, "The agreement is that kind in which everyone wins; Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment will be able to leverage on the industry proven equipment and technology provided by Feraboli while furthering the business. On the other hand, Feraboli will further their business within the U.S. market. Feraboli is a 130-year-old Italian company making some of the top agricultural equipment in the industry. Tarter is a 66-year-old company based in Dunnville, Kentucky that has grown into one of the largest 3-point equipment manufacturers and distributors in the nation.

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